Pikolinos Solidarity presents Defora Collection


Solidarity, teamwork, excellence, creativity and reliability are the values of the Pikolinos Group. Through our Juan Perán-Pikolinos Foundation, which works towards equality, social inclusion and accessibility, we have launched a very special collection made by very special people.

We are excited to present Pikolinos Solidarity, a new social project carried out in conjunction with the boys and girls of the Defora Foundation, an entity that works with people with disabilities to improve their living conditions and to promote equal opportunities. The aim is to face personal and social limitations, foster opportunities and improve people’s interactions with their surroundings in order to fully guarantee the social inclusion of people with functional diversity.

The Pikolinos Solidarity collection of women’s footwear and handbags is the result of the collaboration of two great teams: the Pikolinos team, which provides its resources and experience, and the boys and girls of the Defora Foundation, who contribute their willingness to learn, advance and build a better future for themselves.


The collection is made up of four shoe models and one handbag model in two colours: leather and oak. It will be available for sale as of 22 March at all Pikolinos shops and our online store: www.pikolinos.com.

The project currently includes 11 people located in Elche, between the ages of 16 and 55, and with different degrees of disabilities. This integration programme also includes workshops on social and household activities that will allow participants to improve their skills.


A project that combines eagerness and passion. Every pair of shoes will bring new smiles. We have a lot of work to do, but in line with the Pikolinos Group’s key principle, the challenge of a long journey is to take the first step.


  1. I’m glad to hear to that you guys are doing such amazing work. The resources you are providing to promising talent is really commendable.All the best for the future endeavors.

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