Ankle boots: the trendiest for your wardrobe

It is common knowledge that a pair of ankle boots is an essential accessory for any woman, a real must-have, but what’s new this year is that they should part of men’s attire too.

It’s the wedge heel ankle boots that are making great strides this season for women. This stylish and comfy winter fashion trend is the best option for autumn. They are available in all the colours, materials and models imaginable, both in the brand name shoe collection and the handcrafted shoe upper models.
Pikolinos women’s collection for the season includes wedge heel ankle boots with fur, (Vigo 843-8751 / Vigo 843-8753), that go perfectly with a pair of woollen tights and a skirt or drainpipe trousers. There are also lace-up ankles boots this winter that can easily be adapted to any women’s own look, with no complications at all. They go well with different styles, a casual day look (Brujas 801-8582) or in the evening they are perfect for a party (Izmir 834-8038F).

Pikolinos has some very comfortable and stylish options for men. There’s the casual ankle boot to wear with jeans (Catania 01C-5270) or perhaps a lace-up, full leather finished ankle boot (Chile 01G-5058). For the adventurous type of man the Autumn Winter collection has a hiking style ankle boot that will catch everyone’s eye (Philadelphia 09B-6897). For those who prefer something a bit more casual without laces, there’s the Philadelphia ankle boot (09B-6895).

Ankle boots are definitely in this season for men and women. Go on, get a pair made of leather and discover how easily they complement your own trend setting style.


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