How to clean Pikolinos leather shoes

When buying a shoe from Pikolinos, many of our clients ask us how best to clean them, to care for them, and to keep them in shape for longer. Sometimes they buy cleaning products, creams, sprays and other chemical solutions to help get their shoes really clean.

However, it must be remembered that the leathers that Pikolinos use for their shoes are all natural. And just like with any other natural material, it is important first to remove the dirt carefully with a sponge or damp cloth, and then leave it to dry naturally (and not to expose it to artificial heat).

In order to get the best results, it is then advisable to hydrate and nourish the leather as now all the compounds that blocked the pores have been removed. For this we suggest applying the Incoloura Neutra cream, which is free from colourings and chemicals. With a cloth simply apply a small amount of the cream evenly on the shoe and let the leather soak it up. Once the shoes have absorbed the cream, rub them with a cotton cloth and polish them vigorously. This will give the shoes back their original shine. If this is done every five days, the shoes will remain in excellent condition for a long time.

For the day-to-day cleaning of your shoes we advise you to rub them lightly with a damp cloth and leave them to dry naturally. Then polish them with a beeswax shoeshine sponge. Manufacturers particularly recommend natural beeswax, which can be found in most supermarkets. Moreover, in all of our Pikolinos shoeboxes you will find a special shoeshine sponge soaked in natural beeswax for your daily shoe care. Remember, you can always find the recommended shoe creams for all of our leathers in our Pikolinos stores and sales points.

It is important to bear in mind that you should not polish your shoes with a sponge before you have removed the dirt with a cloth. Otherwise the sponge will only spread the dirt around the shoe.

In the case of stains, we recommend that you clean the shoe with a neutral soap, carefully rubbing the shoes and then removing the excess with a damp cloth. You should then leave the shoes to dry naturally in a cool dry place.

Another question we are frequently asked is what to do when shoes get rained on. The best way to dry a shoe is to fill it with newspaper so that the water is absorbed from within. Then, let the shoes dry off naturally so that they regain their natural shape. It is important not to expose the shoes to artificial heat, as it will dry out the leather and leave it hard and shrivelled.

Finally, when you are storing your shoes for the following season we suggest that you keep them in their original box in a dry place. Do also put paper inside them so that they keep their original shape.


  1. I see above that you say there is a beeswax shoeshine sponge. I received my boots today and there was no sponge in the box. I also noticed that it says what to do if the boots get rained on. Is it safe to wear them in snow? Thanks.

    1. Hi Adizero, maybe you should ask to that brand. We can suggest you how to clean our leather, but we don’t know which materials are used for other brands.
      Thank you for your comment! Kind regards

  2. Out of all the info on this website i don’t see which country this company originates out of, where are the shoes made?

  3. Hello, I just bought a nice pair of Pikolinos shoes. You mentioned that in all of Pikolinos shoeboxes we find a special shoeshine sponge. But there were only the shoes, no sponge. Can you explain ( it was a previous comment mentioning the same), Pikolinos? Thank you.

  4. … and thank`s for the cleaning kit, received today!!!
    I really appreciate your efforts to do your best for client satisfaction. Congrats!

  5. I’m looking for a polish to take out scuff marks. My Pikolinos boots are gray. Where can I purchase the polish? Tried finding it on your website. No luck there.

  6. Just bought the second pair. The shoes look great, however it is not ok to mention that all the shoe boxes contain that shoe shine sponge, as long as it is not the real situation.

  7. My wife and I bought three pairs of Pikolinos ( 2 boots and one shoes) in Spain. None of the three boxes had any kind of cleaning materials like those you mentioned. Can you help us obtain these cleaning materials?
    Thank you.
    Robert Little
    128 Plantation Drive
    Manning, SC 29102. USA

  8. I purchased 2 pair of boots and one pair of ankle boots.. I did not receive a sponge or instruction on how to clean. I live your shoes and desire to wear only your brand. I love the natural leather. Please advise me to where I maybe able to get a cleaning kit..

  9. Please tell me where I can purchase the leather condition cream that came with my boots.
    I live in Salt Lake City, but prefer to purchase on line.

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  11. Where can I get the little orange and black sponge, I bought a pair of 15-6175 brandy men’s shoes. Can’t tell you how many compliments I received.
    Tom Pelli

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  13. I have a pair of blue/green Royals, and I need some shoe polish for them. Could you tell me where to get some that would match?

  14. Just got my Lisaboas in the mail – they’re so gorgeous! Can’t wait to wear them everywhere. I too did not get the special shoe shine sponge – could you please direct me as to where I can get one? Thanks!

  15. How about waterproof spray? I had a pair of pikolinos that I loved, but they got kind of stained looking from rain. My shoe repar guy said I should use waterproof spray.

  16. I have a pair of blue Pikolinos shoes which have faded quite quickly. They have been maintained with shoe cream as specified, but is there any way of restoring the colour?

  17. Dear Sirs,
    My husband purchased a pair of yours sandals but the leather separated from the bottom of the sandal and the leather wore off within one summer. That would be 2016 equally 3 months of wear in Michigan. He purchased them in Naples, FL but we don’t know the name of the store and we live in Michigan. Can you help us out?

  18. Thanks for the cleaning tips! I purchased three (3) pairs of shoes (including the cleaning sponge) and love them! I get a lot of compliments. I am patiently waiting for you to restock shoes that do not have my size.

  19. My sister and I each got a pair of Brujas for Christmas. Her boots were brown and had a shoe cleaning sponge, but my grey ones did not have a sponge. Is there any way to get one?

  20. I purchased my first pair of Pikolinos and love them but I also didn’t find the special sponge with my shoes. How can I obtain one?

  21. Thank you for posting this informative blog on the proper methods of cleaning a leather shoe. If not properly cleaned a leather shoe will easily lose its shine. It is also important to keep a leather shoe away from direct sunlight and rain. Leather shoes are high maintenance compared to other types of shoes but it is worth the effort. I am looking forward to reading more interesting posts in the future.

  22. А very informative article, thanks! As for newspaper to help them dry out, I’ve always been using this method with other brands as well. I’ve purchased a pair of Picolinos sneakers today, I really love the design- sporty and yet elegant.Though, I’m afraid i don’t quite understand the notice on the label -“anti liquid treatment”. does it mean that I shouldn’t expose them to water?

  23. I purchased a pair of Pikolino shoes on June 6, 2017 and the box did not have a shoeshine sponge in it. I also wondered why the inside of the shoe said Make in China?
    Thanking you for a response.
    Linda B

  24. I purchased a pair of Pikolinos on Tuesday, June 6th and there was no shoeshine sponge in the box. I also ordered a 2nd pair so hopefully the sponge will be in that box. I am also wondering why the inside of the shoes says Make in China.

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